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Maldives News Bulletin, 10/08/2008
Headlines : The President says SAARC can become an association of consensus / The President announces that the Maldives bid for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council to represent SAARC / Maldives does not want to hide anything: Foreign Minister / Maldives to host 16th SAARC Summit / The President establishes “Maldives Ports Limited”full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 05/08/2008
Headlines : Maldives Delegation Attends NAM Foreign Ministers Meeting / Commonwealth Welcomes Ratification Announcement / The President announces that if things go smoothly, he will be ratifying the new Constitution on 7th August 2008 / The President says that the Holy Prophet's Isra and Miuraj is a great miracle consisting of divine wisdomsfull story
Maldives News Bulletin, 27/07/2008
Headlines : Cabinet Propose to Reduce Gov. Expenditure by 20% / Farish departs to India as Gayoom’s special delegate / MTDC thanks Dr. Shaugee / Majlis approves Police Bill / Bill submitted to legalize government regulations / The President says ratification of new constitution is not just a ceremony but a huge responsibility.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 20/07/2008
Headlines : The Minister of Africa, Asia and the United Nations at the Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom pays a courtesy call on the President / The President welcomes the removal of the gender bar in seeking presidential office under the new Constitution / President appoints 2 new cabinet ministers / President proposes Arif as MMA governor / MTCC wins contract worth Rf.76.9 Million / Survey on accessibility of Justice System to be heldfull story
Maldives News Bulletin, 13/07/2008
Headlines : Poll date announcement takes precedence / MMA Board Directors appointed / Social Health Insurance to be launched in August / President Gayoom calls for the adoption of a new universal right to promote Climate Justice / No plans to delay ratification process – Nasheed / Auditor General’s Report, not the final word: Presidentfull story
Maldives News Bulletin, 06/07/2008
Headlines : President’s Office instructs Government offices to decrease trips abroad / STO, Medical Association team up for blood donation camp / The Chairman of the Japan-Maldives Parliamentarian League calls on the President / The Maldives Once Again to Lead Discussion on Climate Change and Human Rights / The Mission Chief of International Monetary Fund (IMF), calls on the President / Equal Media Coverage Agreement Signed / The President establishes a Pay Advisory Board and appoints members / The President says that the victory of the National Football Team in the SAFF Championship is a great national achievement / Geoinformatic and Planning Ministry signs Agreementfull story
Maldives News Bulletin, 29/06/2008
Headlines : President Participates in the GHF Inaugural Meeting. / President arrives in Geneva to attend "The Human Face of Climate Change". / Hotel Asia Fair begins. / Petrol, diesel prices increased /full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 22/06/2008
Headlines : Political Parties Bill to be submitted to Majlis this month – Ministry. / The 5th SAARC orthopedic conference begins. / ADK Hospital gains membership of International Hospital Federation. /Minister Nasheed expresses regret over failure of Newspaper bill.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 16/06/2008
Headlines : The victorious Maldives National Football Team returns home to a festive welcome. / President Gayoom and Madam Nasreena meets with the Sri Lankan President Mahindha Rajapaksa and Madam Rajapaksa. / Providing Universal Access to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment should be the Ultimate Goal of all Nations” Maldives Ambassador to the UN.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 08/06/2008
Headlines : Maldives Chairs Key International Meeting on Human Rights and Climate Change in Geneva. / The President inaugurates the new deluxe wing of Hulhule Island Hotel. / UN Expert Notes Maldives Legal Reforms.full story



The Maldives News Bulletin is a weekly newspaper published by Ministry of Legal Reform, Information and Arts. The paper first published in 1980, is currently the oldest English weekly in Maldives.

The Bulletin contains all the important news of the week. It is freely distributed to all foreign diplomatic missions, trade centres, local and foreign institutes, and to Maldivian students abroad.

The Maldives News Bulletin has been changed from print to an online version from 1st february 2008.