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Maldives News Bulletin, 23/03/2008
Headlines : Foreign Minister Returns to Male’, after concluding his visit to Geneva and Dakar. / UN reporter hails Judicial Reform. / The President meets with a visiting European Commission delegation.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 16/03/2008
Headlines : Foreign Minister arrives in Dakar for the OIC Summit. / Celebrations of Commonwealth day. / Foreign Minister reiterates the Maldives’ commitments to the values and principles of the Commonwealth of Nations.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 09/03/2008
Headlines : Government remains steadfastly committed to holding multiparty democratic elections this year. / Foreign Minister Urges UN to Promote Human Face of Climate Change. / Two International Schools Established in Maldives by Turkish Government.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 02/03/2008
Headlines : Foreign Minister congratulates the Maldives High Commission in New Delhi for being awarded the “Amity Award for Fostering International Diplomatic Relations” and “Amity Excellence Award and Gold Medal”. / Tsunami Warning System to be Established soon in Maldives. / Mr. Ibrahim Shafiu sworn-in as Minister of State, Controller of Immigration and Emigration and Ms Khadeeja Hassan sworn-in as Minister of State for Gender and Family. full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 24/02/2008
Headlines : The President says that ideas and participation of the youth are very important in planning developmental projects. / The President of Senegal invites the President Gayoom to participate in the 11th OIC Summit. / Maldives Ambassador Updates UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Progress.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 17/02/2008
Headlines : President Gayoom meets with the Indian President. / The Indian External Affairs Ministers assures the President of India’s firm support and assistance towards the President’s initiatives to introduce democratic reform. / The Maldives and India sign an Agreement on Cooperation in the Fields of Science and Technology.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 10/02/2008
Headlines : The President issues a Decree on transferring some of the functions related to civil servants, from the Public Service Division of the President’s Office to the Civil Service Commission. / Government Unveils Massive Legal Reform Agenda. / President Gayoom presented with the Sustainable Development Leadership Award 2008.full story
Maldives News Bulletin, 03/02/2008
Headlines : President Gayoom is the architect of the India-Maldives relationship and SAARC: Indian Foreign Secretary. / The President says that the Gan International Airport would make a remarkable contribution to speeding up the pace of development in Addu Atoll. / UNICEF notes that Maldives has achieved the Millennium Development Goal on reducing Child Mortalityfull story



The Maldives News Bulletin is a weekly newspaper published by Ministry of Legal Reform, Information and Arts. The paper first published in 1980, is currently the oldest English weekly in Maldives.

The Bulletin contains all the important news of the week. It is freely distributed to all foreign diplomatic missions, trade centres, local and foreign institutes, and to Maldivian students abroad.

The Maldives News Bulletin has been changed from print to an online version from 1st february 2008.