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Maldives News Bulletin, 13-04-2008
Issue No: 1157

The President says the most important objective of formal education is grooming the younger generation in good behavioral standards and societal values

6th April:  The President said that the most important objective of formal education is grooming the younger generation in good behavioral standards and societal values. Speaking at the "Education Conference 2008", the President highlighted the importance of the future generation being brought up to be productive and innovative citizens.

The President noted the benefits of the ongoing Democratic Reform Agenda which is being filtered to the school-goers. He noted that freedom of expression comes with certain responsibilities and said that this concept needed to be conveyed to the younger generations. He also urged the parents and officials of schools to pay close attention to the upbringing of children so that they are not affected by negative influences.

The Minister of Education Zahiya Zareer highlighted the importance of this conference. She praised the President for the rapid development the field of education has achieved under his tenure.

In her welcome address, the Executive Director of the Education Ministry, Dr. Aishath Shehenaz Adam highlighted the topics to be discussed during the conference. She said that many challenges were yet to be faced in the field of education.

A video clip marking 75 years of education was presented at the ceremony. The CD and the summary book were presented to the President by the Education Minister.



The Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Jum-ah Mohamed Abdul Wahab calls on the President

 6th April: The Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Jum-ah Mohamed Abdul Wahab calls on the President.

In the meeting held at the President's Office, Dr. Jum-ah praised the Maldivian Government's effort in developing Arabic education in the Maldives and assured that the Egyptian government would offer assistance and co-operation in this field.

The President thanked Dr. Jum-ah for his visit and thanked the Egyptian government for its assistance to the Maldives, especially in the field of education.

Speaking at the meeting, Dr. Jum-ah assured the President of the Egyptian government's support in training Maldivians in Egypt.

The call was attended by the President of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs Mr. Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim, Executive Secretary to the President, Dr. Ahmed Shareef, Egyptian Ambassador to the Maldives, Ms Gihan Ameen Mohamed Aly, Director, Mufti Office, Dr. Ashraf Ahmed Fahmee and Media Advisor, Dr. Ibrahim Ibrahim Mahmoodh Najum.




Environment Ministry is giving a priority to sanitation and sewerage upgrades


6th April: The Ministry of Environment and Water says that sanitation and sewerage upgrading is given a priority. Projects are ongoing at islands at several atolls. The projects took a leap after the 2004 tsunami disaster. Thousands of Rufiyaa is being spent to ensure residents are having access to pure drinking water. Meanwhile, sewerage systems are being upgraded to accommodate the large number of people being shifted to islands, both under the land rehabilitation project and under the tsunami recovery program.




Maldives participates in Second Asia Middle East Dialogue


7th April: The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Abdullah Hameed has represented the government of Maldives at the Asia Middle East Dialogue (AMED II) that took place in the Egyptian City of Sharm-el- Sheikh from 5-6 April.  Mr. Hameed was accompanied by Mr. Athaulla Rasheed, Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The meeting is the second in the series launched in Singapore in June 2005. The AMED was conceived by the former Prime Minister of Singapore (presently Senior Minister) Goh Chok Tong to foster dialogue and mutual understanding, as well as strengthen co-operation between Asia and the Middle East in different areas at governmental and non-governmental levels, to foster mutually-beneficial cooperation and cement innovative inter-relationships between the two regions.

This year's Meeting was opened by H.E. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, as the host of the meeting as well as the new Chairman of the Dialogue. Egyptian Foreign Minister's statement was followed by statement of H.E George Yeo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore, in his capacity as the outgoing Chairman of the Dialogue.

The keynote statement was given by H.E. Wang Yi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of China (on behalf of Asia) and by the Egyptian Cultural Minister, H.E.Farouk Hosni (on behalf of Middle east).


This year's meeting focused on three tracks: Political Issues, Economic Issues, and Social, Scientific, and Media Issues. Under these tracks selected issues and topics were addressed including political and economic reforms, Governments and civil societies, combating terrorism, expanding trade and investment between the two regions, cooperation between oil producers and consumers, science & technology and IT, human resources development and movement of labor forces, climate changes, and Combating defamation of religion.

The Maldivian delegation covered the discussion panels on Effective Governance and Political and Economic Transformations, Promoting Cooperation between Asia and Middle East in the Fields of Human Resources and Movement of Labour Forces, and the panel on National Policies and International Cooperation on Plans dealing with Climate Change in Asia and the Middle East.


At the end of the two day meeting, Thailand was handed the Chairmanship of AMED III scheduled to be held in 2010.



The President urges the people to mitigate against climate change related health risks

7th April: The President today urged the people to attach greater priority to mitigating against the rising threat of climate change-related health risks. In his message on the occasion of World Health Day 2008, the President noted that this year's theme for World Health Day, 'Protecting Health from Climate Change' highlighted the intrinsic link between human health and the natural environment.

The President stressed the importance of raising awareness on these health risks, as well as the possible steps that could be implemented to ensure that people were safeguarded against these risks.

Noting that the adverse effects of climate change, including sea-level rise, desertification and atmospheric pollution all carried potential health hazards, the President emphasized that climate change was an anthropogenic. He also highlighted that a variety of respiratory diseases were increasing in prevalence as a direct result of the global rise in the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, mainly from industry and vehicles.



The President says the Maldives Police Service has earned the respect of the people

8th April:The President and Commander-in-Chief of the Police last night said that the Maldives Police Service has earned the respect of the people. Speaking at the function to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Maldives Police Service, he noted the high priority that the Government continues to attach to the development of the organization, especially since it was reorganized as a civilian body. 

"The Police are today a highly-trained professional organization", he added. Emphasizing that the police continue to face many challenges, the President praised the organization for the conviction with which they were addressing these challenges and their strong resolve to reform and develop itself. He noted that the objective of the organization was to earn the confidence, trust and admiration of the public. He also said that the growing professionalism of the organization was leading to more and more young men and women opting to join the Police service.

 "Parents are also encouraging their children to consider the police service as a career option", he added. 

In his speech, The President highlighted that the support and assistance of community leaders and organizations, as well as education professionals, and youth empowerment NGO's, was crucial for the Police in fulfilling their important responsibilities. 

The President called on the people to extend their fullest support and assistance to the Police and the MNDF, who last night began a special operation to control the recent rise in gang-related violence in Male'. 

At the Function, the President was presented with a commemorative plaque on behalf of the Maldives Police Service by the Commissioner of Police, Adam Zahir. The President was also presented with a special publication on the anniversary, titled, "The Pace of National Progress - The Role of the Police".

Speaking at the function, the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Abdulla Kamaaludheen noted the importance the Maldives Police Service attaches in Human Resource Development. 

In his speech, the Commissioner of Police, Adam Zahir thanked for the assistance and co-operation of various individuals for the progress and development of the organization.

A Video presentation to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Maldives Police Service was also aired last night at the function.


The President says steadfast adherence to Islam is the only path to prosperity both now and the afterlife

8th April: The President last night said that steadfast adherence to Islamic values and principles were the only path to prosperity on earth and the afterlife. 

Speaking at the last night's function to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the Maldives Police Service, the President spoke on the importance of strengthening the country's Islamic foundation. 

"Tomorrow, we celebrate the anniversary of the country's adherence to Islam", says the President. He added that the Maldivian people should give thanks and praise to the Almighty Allah for blessing the country with the eternal light of Islam. "It is our responsibility to keep this torch burning forever", he added. 

In his speech, the President recalled that history proved that enemies of Islam were responsible for each and every attack on the country's independence and sovereignty, he warned. 

He called on the people to strengthen their ranks against such attempts.


Education Ministry to reform National academic syllabus

10th April: The Minister of Education says that the reforms to be brought to the academic syllabus have been confirmed. She stated this after the conclusion of the Education seminar in Male'. She said that the reforms would not be brought into effect all of a sudden, however. The goal is to be the year 2010. She noted that a lot of work has yet to be done for further improvement of the academic syllabus. The education conference covered a lot of issues of the highest concerns… several ways of tackling discipline problems were discussed, and amendments to be brought to the annual report card was also given a priority. Education officials and teachers from all over the country participated in the conference.


There has being a significant increase in job opportunities in Maldives: Fisheries Minister

10th April: The Fisheries Minister says that there has been a significant increase in job opportunities in Maldives. He noted this while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Youth Challenge 2008. The fair will progress for 3 days It is aimed at youth interested in going for further education, and will also give information on various carieer opportunities. It is being held by the Youth Ministry and the Youth Centre. 19 foreign based stalls are in the fair… and there are 29 stalls from Maldives.

Foreign based stalls are from Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

This is the 10th such fair being held in Maldives.


Three Maldivian Students gets the global best result in last year's Cambridge O'level exams

11th April: Three Maldivian Students gets the global best result in last year's Cambridge O'level exams.

All three come from Ameeniyya School. Gaadhaa Abdulla Yaameen and Mariyam Zeyna got the best result in the world in 'English as a second Language'. And Aishath Ihuma got the best result globally in Travel and Tourism.

28 Maldivian students achieved ranks in the international best ten last year.

Madhrasathul Ahmadhiyya got the best overall results in the O'levels for the third consecutive year. The school got an A-P score of 112. The Education Ministry gave the school an award for outstanding performance. Looking at the overall achievements, Students seem to have improved immensely in their academic performance.


Haveeru Daily donates Pre-School

11th April: Haveeru Daily donates a Pre School for children of Guraidhoo of Kaaf Atoll.

The School was officially inaugurated by the Gender Minister, Aishath Mohamed Didi.

The School was officially handed over to the Island Development Committee of Guraidhoo by the Deputy to the Island Chief, Abdulla Shafeeq.

The school comes from Haveeru Daily's contribution to help the tsunami victims.

The newspaper brought renowned referee, Piere Luigi Colina during January 2007.

He refereed a special match to raise money to help tsunami victims.

In addition to the building, Haveeru Daily also contributed furniture, administrative equipment and other tools needed for kid's education.